Fight the Bah Humbugs and Buy Berrien

             Imagine walking into a store and receiving a friendly welcome from the store owner and a sincere how may I help you.  A place where your items are gift wrapped, complimentary of course.  A store where they are happy to special order items they may not normally carry in their inventory.  This isn’t a scene from Santa’s workshop.  This is the experience you can expect when you walk through the doors of locally owned and operated businesses in Berrien County.  It’s unlikely that you’ll find people brawling in the isles for items like you may have seen at some of the big box chains.  What you will find is genuine courteous people waiting to assist you with your Christmas wish list.  When jotting down your shopping list please put Buy Berrien at the top of your list.

            Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) and Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) data is in for November.  SPLOST revenues totaled $103,933.23 and LOST revenues totaled $103,931.68.  Taking a look back SPLOST and LOST are both up slightly when compared to November 2015 collections.  This demonstrates more people are making the decision to shop locally and it is paying off.

            Just a little food for thought before you cross the county line to do your holiday shopping…Lowndes County collected 16 times more in SPLOST and LOST revenues than Berrien County collected just in the month of November.  With monthly collections surpassing the million dollar mark, let’s continue to focus on keeping Berrien County in business and Buy Berrien not only through the holiday season, but every day.

             From the Chamber Membership, Board of Directors and Staff, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.