Take Shop Small to New Heights

The weekend after Thanksgiving is filled with Black Friday shopping events at big box discount stores.  Black Friday isn’t the only shopping focused event taking place that weekend. Saturday, November 29th is Shop Small Saturday.  This event began in 2010 as an initiative to encourage shopping at locally owned stores.  You may have even seen the […]

Truth is Scarier than Fiction

Imagine the horror of calling 911, no one answers, and no one responds, and overflowing trash receptacles line the streets, and putrid gray water flows from the tap.  This example may be a bit extreme, but is possible if funding for community infrastructure and services is lacking.  The three local pennies you pay at the […]

You Reap What You Sow

Local farmers and gardeners are busy harvesting the crops they have nurtured and tended for months.  They will be rewarded for their hard work when they take their wares to market. Just as crops and livestock require a great deal of attention to yield a bountiful harvest, your local economy and community need attention in order […]

Location, Location, Location

Berrien County is sandwiched between two retail hub counties Tift and Lowndes.  Both of these counties are located on the interstate 75 corridor and enjoy the benefits of collecting sales tax revenues from folks traveling that route.  These counties also enjoy collecting sales tax revenues from Berrien County shoppers who frequent their businesses.  In May […]

Buying Berrien Saves More Than Money

For shoppers bargain hunting is a sport.  No doubt it is important to seek out low prices, but there is a great deal of truth in the old saying you get what you pay for.  Nearly every state highway that runs through Berrien County will lead past a big box chain.  These stores promise low […]

Two Percent

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has launched a campaign called Georgia2Georgia. Georgia2Georgia is asking Georgians to commit to trying to do 2% more business with Georgia companies in 2014.  Just 2% more business can have a positive impact on any company as it works to create jobs, increase sales and productivity.              The 2% commitment of the […]

Pot Luck

Pot holes and rough roads are an epidemic on many city and county rounds throughout our community.  Road crews do their best to keep our roads patched and as smooth as possible.  Safe smooth roads are an important infrastructure to any community and one that comes with a hefty price tag.  Paving just one mile […]

January 2014 Chamber Chat

Waste Not, Want Not Recently there has been much chatter on local social media groups about the needs and wants of consumers in the community.  Many of the wants listed are large retail chains that Nashville-Berrien County simply will not qualify for because of the demographic requirements such as population, traffic counts, etc. of these […]