The Berrien County Chamber of Commerce Business Improvement Grant Program is available to Chamber members wishing to make improvements to their business. The Business Improvement Grant is intended for for-profit businesses located within Berrien County. Grants may be awarded for interior and exterior improvements (painting, landscaping, signage, lighting, etc.). Grants will not be awarded to assist with daily operations of a business i.e. staffing, rent, utilities, inventory, etc. The grant is a matching grant with the maximum award of $500. In order to be eligible to apply for these grant funds, a business must be a Chamber member in good standing with the organization.

The Business Improvement Grant Program is funded through proceeds of the Cotton Blossom Roundup.

Business Improvement Grant applicants are required to submit a description of their project to the Chamber prior to beginning the project in order to be eligible to receive grant funds. For a list of rules and Business Improvement Grant applications, please visit our office inside the Berrien County Administrative Building, 201 North Davis Street or call 229-686-5123. You may also download an application from the link below.

The Historic District of Nashville follows certain rules and regulations to preserve the historical features of the town. Please be aware of Historical Guidelines if your business falls into the Historic District on the map below.