SGMC Berrien Campus
1221 East McPherson Avenue
Nashville, Georgia 31639 229.433-8600

SGMC Berrien Administrative Building
1145 Poplar Street
Nashville, Georgia 31639

SGMC is privileged to own and operate the SGMC Berrien Campus, a community hospital serving the residents of Berrien and surrounding counties. The 63-bed hospital has 51 acute care beds and 12 geriatric/psychiatric beds that are served by primary care physicians and physician’s assistants, behavioral health specialists, hospitalists, skilled nurses and support staff.

radiology-2As a campus of South Georgia Medical Center, the SGMC Berrien Campus adopted the policies and protocols of the Medical Center. This standardization in patient care has facilitated and streamlined referrals throughout the four-hospital health system. The SGMC Berrien Campus was recently recognized for outstanding patient care by the Georgia Hospital Association’s Partnership for Health and Accountability Core Measures Honor Roll.

In 2014, the exterior of the hospital was modernized to make patient access easier and better reflect the contemporary, patient-focused care found inside. In addition to inpatient hospital services, the SGMC Berrien Campus offers a 24-hour emergency room, a full service lab, a full service radiology department with new digital mammography, rehab services and endoscopy services. To learn more, call 229-433-8600 or visit the website

i-72Hd8X6-X3SGMC’s Dogwood Senior Health Center is the 12-bed geri-psych facility located inside the SGMC Berrien Campus. It specializes in the care of those 55 and older who may be struggling with dementia, depression, and other behavioral health issues. To learn more, visit the website

The SGMC Berrien Campus is your connection to quality healthcare in South Georgia.

“Growing Healthy Together”